Must-try foods in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam is not only known for its picturesque canals and vibrant culture, but also its diverse and delicious food scene. From traditional Dutch dishes to international cuisine, Amsterdam has something to offer for every palate. If you find yourself in this beautiful city, make sure to try these must-try foods to truly experience the culinary delights of Amsterdam.

1. Stroopwafels: No trip to Amsterdam is complete without trying a stroopwafel. This sweet treat consists of two thin waffle cookies filled with a gooey caramel-like syrup. You can find stroopwafels at many street markets and bakeries throughout the city. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee for a perfect mid-day snack.

2. Haring: If you’re feeling adventurous, try a traditional Dutch haring. This raw herring is typically served with chopped onions and pickles. The best way to eat it is by holding it by the tail and taking a bite. While it may seem intimidating at first, haring is a staple in Dutch cuisine and definitely worth a try.

3. Bitterballen: These deep-fried, crispy meatballs are a popular Dutch snack that can be found in many pubs and restaurants in Amsterdam. Bitterballen are usually filled with a savoury mixture of minced beef or veal, seasoned with nutmeg and herbs. Dip them in mustard for an extra kick of flavour.

4. Poffertjes: Poffertjes are small, fluffy pancakes that are typically served with powdered sugar and butter. They are a favorite among locals and visitors alike. You can find poffertjes at street markets and food stalls throughout the city. They make for a delicious and indulgent treat.

5. Stamppot: Stamppot is a traditional Dutch dish made of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables such as kale, sauerkraut, or carrots. It is often served with smoked sausage or meatballs. Stamppot is a hearty and comforting meal that is perfect for a cold day in Amsterdam.

6. Indonesian rijsttafel: Due to its colonial past, Amsterdam has a strong Indonesian influence in its cuisine. A rijsttafel is a Dutch-Indonesian meal consisting of rice served with a variety of small side dishes such as meats, vegetables, and sambals. It offers a burst of flavours and textures that will delight your taste buds.

7. Pannenkoeken: Dutch pancakes, or pannenkoeken, are larger and thinner than American pancakes. They can be sweet or savoury and are often topped with ingredients like bacon, cheese, apples, or syrup. Enjoy a pannenkoeken at a pancake house or street vendor for a tasty and filling meal.

8. Kaas: Cheese lovers must indulge in the variety of Dutch cheeses available in Amsterdam. From Gouda to Edam to Leerdammer, there is a cheese for every preference. Visit a cheese shop or market to sample and purchase these delicious cheeses to take home as souvenirs.

Amsterdam is a food lover’s paradise with its diverse and delicious culinary offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for traditional Dutch fare or international cuisine, Amsterdam has something for everyone. Make sure to try these must-try foods on your next trip to this vibrant city to truly experience all that it has to offer. Bon app├ętit!

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