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As the summer season approaches, it’s time to update your nail game with the hottest trends of the moment. From vibrant colors to funky designs, there are endless possibilities for creating the perfect summer nails. And if you want to make sure your nails are not only stylish but also safe, look no further than’s collection of hema free nail products.

HEMA, short for hydroxyethyl methacrylate, is a common ingredient found in many nail polishes and gels. While it helps polish adhere to the nail, it is also known to cause allergic reactions in some people. That’s why has taken the extra step to ensure their products are free of this potentially harmful ingredient, so you can enjoy beautiful nails without any worries.

One of the hottest trends for summer nails this year is pastel colors. Soft shades of pink, blue, and lavender are all the rage, giving your nails a fresh and feminine look. Whether you prefer a solid color or want to get creative with a pastel ombre or marble design, has a wide range of HEMA free pastel nail polishes to choose from.

Another popular trend for summer nails is metallics. From shimmering gold and silver to bold metallic blues and greens, these eye-catching shades are perfect for making a statement. offers a selection of HEMA free metallic nail polishes that will give your nails a dazzling finish without the worry of potential allergic reactions.

If you’re feeling extra playful this summer, why not try out some fun nail art designs? From neon stripes to tropical fruits, the possibilities are endless.’s HEMA free nail art pens make it easy to create intricate designs without the need for a steady hand or artistic skills. Simply draw on your desired design, let it dry, and seal it in with a top coat for long-lasting wear.

And if you want to take your summer nail game to the next level, consider trying out some trendy nail shapes. Stiletto nails, coffin nails, and almond-shaped nails are all the rage, giving your hands a sleek and modern look.’s HEMA free nail extensions are a safe and easy way to achieve your desired nail shape without damaging your natural nails.

With’s collection of HEMA free nail products, you can enjoy the hottest summer nail trends without sacrificing safety. So go ahead, experiment with vibrant colors, metallic finishes, and fun nail art designs to get the perfect summer nails that will make a statement wherever you go.

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